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What curriculum do you follow?

We follow the provincially accredited curriculum of the Quebec Ministry of Education (MEESR) which leads to a Secondary Leaving Diploma. Students in our English High school sector who take all French option courses obtain a Bilingual Leaving Certificate.

Do you require a certificate of eligibility?

No, Emmanuel Christian School holds a permit from the Ministry of Education but does not receive any government funding.

Are your teachers accredited?

Yes, our teachers must have the necessary qualifications to teach in Quebec (Brevet d’enseignement du Québec). They all have a Bachelor or Masters degree and must also have a personal relationship with Christ.

What type of sports or other extra-curricular activities are available?

At the high school level, students may join sports such as Badminton, Basketball, Curling, Soccer or Track & Field. Various options are offered each year

Our teams regularly go to the finals and win championships in sports such as Soccer, Basketball and Badminton.

High school students may join the Worship Band which practices weekly with vocals and instruments.The Worship Band leads high school assemblies several times during the year.

Our elementary program includes weekly art and music classes taught by specialists. Mad Science and Art club are after-school seasonal options. Grade 6 has the opportunity to register for after-school Babysitting courses which include First aid.

Does your school have a dress code or a uniform?

Our students must wear a school uniform during the day and during physical education. New uniforms must be purchased at Top Marks (Uniform). Second-hand uniforms are sold at school during parent-teacher interviews.

What differentiates you from other schools?

Christ-centredness! We wish to honour our Lord and Saviour Jesus-Christ in all academic and extra-curricular activities. We try to be an extension of the Christian home and church and help families establish Biblical foundations in the lives of the students.

I am home schooling, but would like my children to graduate from Emmanuel’s High School. When should I enroll them?

We welcome your application at any time. However, we strongly urge you to consider enrolling your children as they enter Secondary 4 (or grade 10). The reasons are three fold.

  • Official High School Leaving Certificates issued by the MELS (Quebec Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports) are based on credits earned during Secondary 4 and 5. Although it is possible to earn these in Secondary 5, the study load is considerably higher and no failures can be tolerated. The History of Quebec and Canada course, for instance, would have to be done by the student at home.
  • The laboratory sciences courses span two years, starting with the Physical Science course in Secondary 4 and continuing with Physics and Chemistry. As these are all challenging courses, it is better to take them over the two-year period.
  • The advanced Mathematics courses (which constitute pre-calculus) in Secondary 4 and 5 are even more challenging than the Science courses, and should be taken over the two year period.

However, if your child needs to perfect French skills, starting in Secondary 3 will give him/her more time to prepare for the French as Second Language provincial exam. In order to obtain a High School Leaving Certificate, the student must pass all the required courses under the applicable certification system. Please also note that students attending the High School sector are required to have a Certificate of Eligibility to receive instruction in English delivered by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports.

What is your success rate?

We have a high graduation rate of over 95% with some years at 100%. This is well above provincial averages of both French and English public school boards. Our graduates are accepted in all private and public, French and English CEGEPs. We are regularly informed of scholarships awarded to our graduates based on academic excellence. Over the years, several students have even obtained 100% on provincial exams in History of Quebec and Canada.

Can parents volunteer in the school?

Of course! Volunteering is strongly encouraged. We depend on volunteers to help in the library, in the elementary classrooms, in the office, with special events and with field trips. Qualified coaches are also in demand. Parents may use their talents in a variety of ways to support the school and make their time at Emmanuel even more meaningful. Children are happy to see their parents involved in their school life. A list of volunteering opportunities is provided at the beginning of every school year.

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