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Principal's Welcome

Dear Parents,

We are delighted that you are considering Emmanuel Christian School for the education of your child or children.

As our name suggests, our school is first and foremost a Christian school, where the values of the Bible are taught and lived out every day. Students are challenged to pursue excellence in their academics, character-development and extra-curricular involvement, with the goal of bringing glory to God.

Our highly trained, accredited staff strives to create a caring yet rigorous learning environment that caters to students’ individual growth and development. Our academic programs are designed to help students gain a greater understanding of the world around us and discover their God-given purpose and design. Ultimately, we want each one of our graduates to be well equipped for their future educational and life pursuits.

We accept applications from families who wish to have their children educated in a school where Christ is honoured in all aspects of daily life, be it academic or extra-curricular.

If you are seeking a school that supports these values, then Emmanuel Christian School is for you. To pursue the process of enrollment please call the school at (514) 696-6430 for further details. It would be a pleasure to partner with you.

May our Lord guide your decisions as you consider the important matter of the schooling of your child(ren).


Jean-Obed Jubuisson

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